Phosphene Fears

from by Malaeli



In the night
When you find yourself all alone
And you think thoughts
Like the thought that you may never know
If you don't try, you don't try
To see the itty-bitty multi foliate ancestral aura of love around her

I wanted to see you
I wanted to feel you
In deaths other kingdom
I wanted to hear you
To be near you
Between the motion
And the act

We danced flat-foot and penguin toed
Ebbed and flowed, glowed and then slowed
In the undertow
Of insecure peers with phosphene fears
Screaming erotic jeers while crying finite tears
Look at them stand in, look at us stand out
Oh look at them stand in, look at us stand out

We painted our knuckles
Unbelted our buckles
In deaths dream kingdom
Between the conception
And the creation
We shared our love


from Mount Fantasmal, released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


La Fringe

Malaeli (formerly La Fringe) is E.S Peters psychedelic-pop side project founded in January of 2012 . All songs are written, recorded, played and produced by E.S Peters.

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