Princess of the Pine Tree

from by Malaeli



Hello Princess of the Pine Tree
Your sticks and pinecones cannot bind me
Your bisiteen bark darkens you to hide
But I have seen your flower-like inside

Do you remember when we climbed up the tree?
To gaze upon an altered reality
To juxtapose our jungle vision
On a sea green canvas with dream like precision
And our hands they would darken and stain like leather
From the sap from the tree that fused us together
And the ketamine freaks all lay on the floor
With saucer like eyes lusting for more
And the moon had eyes, three not two
As it eclipsed overhead above me and you

So Princess, Princess of the Pine Tree
Won't you shed your needles so you may see
This extraterrestrial molecular fusion
That binds us together in this life-like illusion


from Mount Fantasmal, released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


La Fringe

Malaeli (formerly La Fringe) is E.S Peters psychedelic-pop side project founded in January of 2012 . All songs are written, recorded, played and produced by E.S Peters.

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